Glass Roof Systems

VELUX Commercial’s glass roof systems combine form and function, creating skylights that spread natural light throughout commercial buildings.

Key Glass Roof Systems Benefits:

  • Almost unlimited design flexibility
  • Bespoke and prefabricated rooflight systems
  • Accurate design specifications complete with installation
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Examples of some of our Glass Roof Systems

Glass Roof in Bodmin Jail Hotel
Glass roof,  Atruim longlights at DSV Headquaters
Glass Roof, Stick Systems
Mono Pitched Glass roof
Self supporting glass pyramid
Custom rooflight, sports facility
Glass Roof, Piscine in Romont
Light Facades
Pyramid - Glazing Panels
Modular Skylights, UK Hydrographic Office. AHR Architects

We provide a skylight portfolio of prefabricated, structural and bespoke glazing rooflights for refurbishment and new-build roof projects. Our rooflight are suitable for schools, offices, retail and public buildings, as well as heritage venues.

Glazing panels and modular skylight designs create an attractive aesthetic. Our reliable and flexible rooflights can be designed in various shapes and sizes. Prefabricated and bespoke structural glazing are available product offerings able to meet your commercial building project needs, improving performance and the well-being of occupants.