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75% of the buildings in use today are expected to still be in use in 2050 — which is why renovating existing buildings is becoming increasingly important. VELUX Commercial can help make sure rooflight solutions meet the objectives of your refurbishment project.

Rooflights in Dottignies, Belgium before refurbishment
Roof refurbished with VELUX Modular Skylights in Dottignies, Belgium

Before and after images of rooflight refurbishment with VELUX Modular Skylights

Renovations of existing buildings are expected to gain further momentum, establishing itself as a dominant sector within the construction industry. There could be plenty of reasons for refurbishment. Ensuring functionality, user comfort and safety of the building are generally in focus. In addition, meeting demanding energy standards and creating a sustainable building design are central concerns.

The scale of the renovation must be determined on a project-specific basis. The work ranges from the equivalent replacement of individual components to the renovation of the entire building.

We offer you end-to-end support throughout a renovation, from product specification and technical advice to installation and after sales services. Contact our expert team to help you find the best rooflight solution - precisely tailored to the structural and technical challenges of renovation projects.

Checklist for refurbishment

We collected the most important factors you need to look at for your commercial refurbishment project. Our checklist will make it easier for you to understand what you want to achieve with the renovation:

  • Consider the building type and its purpose
  • Consider the building’s condition and the load bearing capability of the roof
  • Consider energy-efficient solutions for lighting and ventilation
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Get the right amount of natural light in the design
  • Avoid glare by selecting the ideal solution and glazing type
  • Reduce ambient noise levels
  • Consider implementing smoke and heat exhaust systems
  • Consider implementing safety grids
  • Consider installing photovoltaic panels
  • Design in accordance with sustainability standards

What are the reasons for renovating a building?

The reasons for renovating a building are just as diverse as the requirements that must be met. A modern and comfortable building, an innovative conversion or the need for additional space are just some of the motives.

Compared to a new construction, renovations are generally more cost-effective and resource-friendly. Especially in metropolitan areas, renovations of existing buildings are essential due to the lack of undeveloped land.

The modernization of buildings also offers the opportunity to integrate innovative and sustainable technologies that improve the energy balance of the building and reduce operating costs.

How can skylight solutions contribute to the sustainability of a building?

Energy-saving solutions are central aspects of renovations - their ecological and economic significance are unquestionable.

If existing building components and materials are used or recycled during the renovation, energy can be saved from manufacturing, transportation and storage of these components.

With an optimised supply of daylight, you are less reliant on artificial light and thus save further energy.

A significant factor of the energy performance of buildings is ventilation. An adequate supply of fresh air must be maintained while minimising the loss of heat energy overall. While using natural ventilation as a passive cooling system can reduce the indoor temperature in an energy-efficient way.

Sustainability is also an important pillar of governmental and organizational strategies. State subsidies are often available to building owners who wish to renovate their assets and create a sustainable building design.

What helps determine the sustainability of a building?

Construction products are assessed by Environmental Product Declarations performed in accordance with European Standard EN 15804 (CEN, 2012). These assess the environmental impacts of a product through its entire lifecycle, from manufacturing to the demolition phase. This analysis also considers the product's carbon footprint and its recycling potential.

They make it easier to check the requirements of sustainability certification schemes, such as BREEAM, DGNB, LEED and WELL Building Standard. Most of these systems follow a holistic strategy considering energy-related issues, as well as indoor climate.

Roof of factory hall Herter GmbH in Wald, Switzerland, before renovation
Roof of factory hall Herter GmbH in Wald, Switzerland, after renovation

Factory hall Herter GmbH, Wald, Switzerland — before and after

How can roof renovations support the design of healthy spaces?

The focus of renovations is not purely to improve the sustainability of the building, but also to enhance the comfort and long-lasting satisfaction of the future building users. Skylights provide daylight and air exchange as needed, thus they support an ideal indoor climate and demonstrably help improve the health and well-being of building occupants.

Natural light has a number of advantages over artificial light, including its variability and efficiency, as well as creating a connection to the outside world. It is responsible for many photobiological processes in the body and has a decisive effect on health, well-being and performance.

Regular air exchange contributes to lower concentrations of pollutants in the indoor air by reducing the CO2 content and replacing it with fresh outdoor air. The consequences of a high CO2 content in the air include fatigue and drowsiness, concentration disorders, headaches and an increased risk of infection due to a high number of aerosols and germs. Conversely, access to plenty of daylight and fresh air increases productivity and learning efficiency.

All of the above underlines the importance of creating comfortable environments for work, study, and leisure.

What are the building safety requirements?

Building owners and operators are responsible for the functionality and safety of their buildings. Defective and old systems can pose a safety risk and must be repaired or replaced promptly. New daylight and ventilation solutions need to comply with health and safety regulations and therefore must be complemented by SHEV systems and safety grids against fall-through. These devices must be functional at all times.

Smoke ventilation systems channel smoke and heat through the roof, thus people have better visibility and oxygen level inside the building. Therefore, smoke and heat ventilation are crucial to the implementation of fire protection concepts.

To determine which system is the most suitable depends, among other things, on the size of the building and the necessary aerodynamic smoke extraction area.

Builders, planners and operators of buildings are also responsible for safety on the roof. Skylights that are not permanently fall-proof must be equipped with suitable devices to prevent injury from falling through. With our large selection of tested safety systems, you can permanently and collectively secure all traffic routes and work areas on flat roofs.

Bodmin Jail Hotel in Cornwall, UK, before renovation
Bodmin Jail Hotel in Cornwall, UK, after renovation

Renovation Overview

Learn more about our renovation solutions. This brochure includes our process, key factors, checklist and reference cases with before and after photos.

Collage of renovation brochure pages

Further insights

Rooflight refurbishment offers an opportunity to significantly enhance your building’s performance and occupants’ comfort. As a result of a well-thought-out and planned renovation, both the value and the thermal performance of the building will increase.

Interior before and after views of a Grillodur rooflight installation as part of a refurbishment project in Switzerland
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